Run Ubuntu/Linux on Android Device

How would it feel to have the power of a desktop operating system in the palm of your hands? If you’re a power user, and also a fan of Ubuntu/Linux, then you came to the right place. Running Ubuntu (any version) on your Android device is not very hard to do. Don’t think that this is some slow or stripped down version of Ubuntu. You will have access to all your favorite Linux apps and commands. However, you will need to have a rooted Android device in order to do this.

Installing Ubuntu or Debian Linux does not format your Android OS or change anything to your phone. The Operating Systems run over the underlying Android OS (chroot mode) which continues to function as normal. Here’s how to run Ubuntu on Android


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Linux on Android

What You Will Need:




Step 1: Copy the downloaded Ubuntu/Debian image file to your SD card under a specific folder(ubuntu) and also install above mentioned applications(Linux Deploy, Android VNC, BusyBox) on your Device.

Step 2: Open Linux Deploy and go to properties, then Choose Distribution -> Ubuntu (Depending on image file you have downloaded).

Step 3: Now choose Installation Path (where you have copied downloaded image file).

Step 4: Now give Image size minimum of 1500MB (If not given it will take default).

Step 5: Choose Desktop environment you want, default is LXDE.

Step 6: Tick both check box of SSH and GUI under STARTUP category, if previously not done.

Step 7: In Graphical subsystem menu choose VNC.

Step 8: In GUI settings, change width and height as per your device and then click INSTALL (Sit aside and be patient till it does installation process).

Step 9: Now come back to main screen of Linux Deploy and press START at bottom to run Ubuntu.

Step 10: Open VNC viewer, add new connection with any name(as Ubuntu) then put IP address shown in Linux Deploy screen(top) and password “changeme” and hit connect.


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  1. James Cooke says:

    Any idea how to move files in and out if you’ve installed linux in a seperate ext4 partition on your exyternal sdcard? I used “Deploy Linux” and am running an xserver instead of VNC (though I’m not sure if that is relevant).

    Many thanks

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