Web Browsers

Why Web Browsers?

Web browsers or Internet browsers  are software applications that enable you to browse the internet and access websites. Desktop and app browsers translate HTML and allow you to read text, view images and play videos online. These services primarily focus on accessing the internet, but they can also access private information on web servers and file systems.



Even if you have a favorite browser that you use by default, it may be time to find one that is faster and more secure. All browsers have the ability to access your favorite sites and bookmarks, but not all are created equal. The three best web browsers based on speed and simplicity are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

Internet Browsers: What to Look For

The major areas to consider when choosing the best browser for you are simplicity, speed and security. We used the following criteria to evaluate the best web browsers available for download.

Speed & Compatibility

Web browsers should load quickly and be compatible with every major operating system. We tested the speed of each browser in our lineup using the same computer and internet speed, gauging the precise speed with the Numion Stopwatch loading site. We timed how quickly each browser pulled up the Top Ten Reviews main page, and then proceeded to refresh it 10 times to find a loading average. From our site we navigated every browser to the same page between websites. The fastest browsers load pages in under two seconds.

Feature Set

A web browser should provide practical, convenient features that make surfing the web easy and fast. For instance, it should offer tabbed browsing, a customizable toolbar and an integrated search engine. For a more personalized web experience, the browser should also provide the ability to save bookmarks, set parental controls and create RSS feeds. Generally speaking, the more features an internet browser provides, the better.


While online security measures have come a long way in the past few years, the internet is still rife with security risks, especially small-scale attacks to hack electronic data. Security features such as privacy settings, pop-up blockers and anti-spyware enable safe internet surfing and help keep your personal information secure.

Help & Support

Although some internet browsers are open source and therefore not supplemented with dedicated technical support, we still considered the quality of support options available. When it comes to internet browsers, support comes in many forms, ranging from FAQs to tutorials, email support to user guides.

Every internet browser we tested led to the same end by accessing the internet, but it’s the means to that end that provide the quality experience. A fast and secure browser ensures safe and enjoyable online browsing.

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