YouTube Tricks

YouTube is second most popular search engine and the most popular video sharing site. We all love YouTube so today I am going to tell you some tricks, tips and Easter Eggs you probably didn’t know about :

Get Ride of Annoying Adds

YouTube is free to watch but it has those annoying flash ads floating over videos and those skippable ads. But not anymore with Adblock Plus which is available as plugin for both Chrome and Firefox you can make these ads disappear. There is also “Adblock for YouTube” plugin which disables skippable ads.

AdBlock Plus
AdBlock Plus AdBlock Plus

Bypass Regional and Age Restrictions

If you’re looking to get to a video that has some form of restriction on it, change the format of the video link from this:

To this:

YouTube Karaoke

Musixmatch is a free Chrome extension that overlays lyrics on top of music videos.

Musixmatch Musixmatch


Add allintitle: before the keywords you are searching and it will provide you with only videos that include the chosen keywords.

If you want to exclude any words from your search just place minus “-” symbol before keyword. For example if you don’t want results containing “blah” just search “katy perry -blah”.


Don’t wanna use the mouse? Use shortcuts

  • k= Pause/play.
  • j= Rewind the video 10 seconds.
  • l= Fast forward the video 10 seconds.
  • m= Mute the video.
  • Number 0 = go to the beginning of the video
  • Numbers 1 to 9 = jump to 10% to 90% of the video
  • While captions are on:
    • + = make caption font bigger
    • = make caption font smaller



Operate YouTube entirely with keyboard using leanback. To use this feature type use leanback URL

and lean back no mouse needed.

Leanback YoutTube
Leanback YoutTube Leanback YoutTube

Specific Start Time

Share video with specific start time? Just right click on video and click

Copy URL at Current Time
Copy URL at Current Time Copy URL at Current Time

OR you can click share and Start At Time

Start at Current Time
Start at Current Time Start at Current Time

You can also use manual method just add “#t=” followed by the time you want your video to start from. For example,


GIF YouTube

To download gif from YouTube video just add ‘gif’ before URL. Example to download gif from


edit URL to


then you will taken to gif editor. Edit video as per your need and download as gif.

GIF From YouTube
GIF From YouTube GIF From YouTube

Download YouTube videos

There are softwares like Internet Download Manager or plugins like Video Download Helper in Firefox but you can also download YouTube videos without them just put ss or save before and it will take you to download site.

Save YouTube Video
Save YouTube Video Save YouTube Video

Easter Eggs

Type ‘Use the force Luke’ and watch your YouTube act drunk.

Use the force Luke
Use the force Luke Use the force Luke

Type ‘Beam me up Scotty’ and let the magic take over.

Beam Me Up Scotty
Beam Me Up Scotty Beam Me Up Scotty

Just type ‘doge meme’ and play colors with YouTube.

Doge Meme
Doge Meme Doge Meme

Do you like them? Let us know and if you know any other tricks comment below. Some of these tricks, tips are not officially supported by YouTube and may change.

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